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Language learning has surprisingly little to do with talent, but very much to do with psychology:
If I have learned through experiences in family and school that language learning is “not my thing”, that it is rather tedious, embarrassing and tedious to me, then I will actually have trouble learning effectively.
If, on the other hand, I am relaxed, open, anticipatory and freed from old blocks, I will not only be able to learn a foreign language with pleasure, but also demonstrably much faster and deeper.
Hypnos®Lingua combines the most modern, brain-friendly learning methods with the highly efficient Hypnos® method:
In-depth dissolving of blockages, gaining highest levels of concentration and memory as well as reliable motivation perfectly prepare you for speaking the language of your choice in a playful way.

Why does it work?

There are languages that you would really like to be fluent in and knowledge of which would enrich your life. Why can’t you do that yet?

The superfast and smart method.

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Relaxed German, smoothe French, comfortable Spanish, Russian – find out which languages we can best prepare you for!

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Do you like it intense or more relaxed? Hypnos®Lingua offers exclusive coachings suiting your individual needs.

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