Pricing and Advantages


Sessions at Hypnos® are efficient, individual and achieve sustained success.

Over the last 15 years, we have developed the following three well-proven treatment structures that are offering you the highest safety possible.

What are the prices for hypnotherapy with Hypnos®?

Free telephone counselling ahead of your hypnotherapy, individual and elaborate, by hypnotherapist Katharina Auer herself.
Get in touch and ask your questions! 

  • 240, – € per hour for your hypnotherapy
  • 3 – 6 sessions each 2 – 3 hours
  • Smoking cessation: 840,- €, only 1 session, max. 4 hours of intensive hypnotherapy
  • Weight reduction: 840,- €, only 1 session, max. 4 hours of intensive hypnotherapy

Ask for our special package 9 + 1 *!

9 intensive hours of hypnotherapy
within 3 or 4 sessions

+ plus 1 hour of telephone coaching

+ plus audios (CD or MP3) recorded individually for you

+ plus Self-Hypnosis Deepening CD / MP3

+ plus individual handouts


Total price: 2.000, – € for 9 hours of hypnotherapy with everything included

– by booking the 9 + 1 special you’ll save 160,- € compared to booking single sessions

* For which indications?
Anxiety disorders, depression, psychosomatic disorders, stuttering, sleep disorders, sexual disorder, eating disorders, stress, burnout, tinnitus, migraines, sports hypnosis, relationship issues and more.


Which advantages does Hypnos® offer you?

  • Free telephone counselling, individual and elaborate, by well-experienced hypnotherapist and ‚Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie‘ Katharina Auer
  • A whole team of specialists is at your service.
  • Thorough individual preparation for your sessions by your therapist.
  • Intense hypnotherapeutical individual sessions according to the Hypnos® Method.
  • You only book the amount of sessions really needed in order to achieve your goal.
  • Additional mediation of highly effective  self-help techniques.
  • Plus 1 hour of therapeutic monitoring via telephone/Skype by your therapist.
  • Plus audios (CD or MP3) recorded individually for you.
  • Plus Self-Hypnosis Deepening CD / MP3.
  • Plus individual handouts.
  • Partial payments are possiblevia Medipay.
  • Central location in Berlin’s Mitte district
  • Außergewöhnliche premises with an exclusive accomodation.
  • Cессии гипнотерапии на русском языке!
  • ¡Sesiones exclusivas de hipnosis también en español!


The Hypnos® Smoking cessation

  • Only one session
  • max. 4 hours of intense hypnotherapy
  • plus 20 minutes of therapeutic monitoring via telephone/Skype by your therapist.
  • plus individual handouts

    Total price: 840, – € with everything included

Также доступен на русском языке!
También disponible en español.


The Hypnos® Weight reduction

  • Only one session
  • max. 4 hours of intense hypnotherapy
  • plus 20 minutes of therapeutic monitoring via telephone/Skype by your therapist.
  • plus individual handouts

    Total price: 840, – € with everything included

Также доступен на русском языке!
También disponible en español.



How big should the distance between sessions be?

We have had a very good experience with sessions taking place within 1 to 2 weeks.

Clients coming from other cities also have the opportunity to attend their sessions on two or three consecutive days and complete their therapy with a final session following within 3 weeks.

Together we will schedule the sessions according to your needs and your personal schedule.


How can I get started?

The individual telephone counselling and individual counselling via e-mail is of course free of charge!

 If you wish to get to know the setting and therapist in order to clarify any details for making a decision, we offer an Anamnestic Preliminary Talk at our beautiful practice in the heart of Berlin (also through Skype).

This conversation takes 30 minutes and will be charged at 100, – €.

If you commit yourself to the therapy, this amount of 100, – € will be included in the total therapy price.


Will my health insurance cover the costs?

Our therapeutic services are designed for self-pay clients.

 Income taxpayers in Germany possibly have the opportunity to deduct the cost of hypnotherapy as ‘extraordinary expenses’ in their tax return.



Can I also pay in installments?

 Yes, that is possible!

In cooperation with our cooperation partner Medipay, we provide our clients with interest-free or exceptionally low-interest partial payments. The interest rate is subsidized by Hypnos® at 4%.

Medipay stands for convenient installment payments for personal bills for non-contractual medical benefits – whether for legally or privately insured patients. This will give more people autonomous access to modern comfort medicine and alternative medicine – regardless of the nature of their health insurance or the amount of their savings.

Counselling in English is possible at Medipay, just call 0049 +(0) 22 41 / 96 9 26-0.


Could individual sessions also be booked?


For clients who have already completed Hypnos® Therapy, there is of course the possibility of booking individual sessions or additional coaching time with their therapist.

 The fees for these supplementary bookings include a loyalty bonus and are as follows:

 Additional telephone support (optional via Skype): 20 minutes / 80, – €

Additional session 340, – € / 2 hours


Generally, therapeutic services are exempt from VAT, the rates specified are “all included” and final.

Sessions that are not clearly therapeutic can be defined and invoiced as coaching sessions.
In this case, an additional 19% VAT applies.
Sessions on weekends are charged at the amount of an additional 20% weekend premium.

         Do you have any more questions?
Do not hesitate to benefit from our experience!

Send us an email
– we look forward to supporting you!

  You’re very welcome!

The Hypnos Team members are associated with several German and international professional organisations.

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