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methodeThe Hypnos® Method

Hypnosis is effective – it is one of the most powerful instruments modern psychotherapy can offer, as our daily experience in our hypnotherapy practice confirms. We believe that hypnosis can develop its full potential most effectively in symbiotic interplay with energy techniques in the context of EHT®-hypnosis. Following this approach, profound lasting breakthroughs in your life no longer take years to achieve; they can be attained within an astonishingly short time. The energy-hypnosis technique (EHT® or the ‚Hypnos® Method‘) has been developed by the Hypnos® therapists. It presents a holistic approach to treatment which can be applied to a wide range of issues.EHT® is solution-oriented; its success is based on linking deep state hypnosis, energy psychology and practical ontology*.As fast and as pleasant as possible!

Hypnos® stands for Energy Hypnotherapy. What is this?
This method was developed by the Hypnos® therapists.
It is a powerful supplement to the most modern hypnotherapy techniques:
it utilizes energy techniques*, effective procedures from short-term therapy and working principles originating from recent research in quantum physics and neurobiology.

Imagine that hypnosis – to be precise, the hypnotic trance – is a pressure cooker.

Whatever you put into it – it cooks more quickly.
In a state of deep physical and mental relaxation, a range of therapeutic techniques gain dazzling intensity and effectiveness.
This ‘pressure cooker’ enables mental processes to take place more easily, with less resistance, so they proceed more quickly.
The defence mechanisms and inner monologues of our waking consciousness (“I know all about that; it doesn’t work for me; I’m a particularly difficult case; I can’t do that”) lose their function of inhibiting and blocking solutions and can be relaxed and transformed.


What are the principles on which EHT® work is based?

1. Body and mind are an inseparable unit.

2. People create their own reality.

3. Every problem was originally the solution to a problem.
Every problem has value.

You are welcome to contact us – without obligation – to find out more about our work and the philosophy behind it.
We would be happy to tell you more.

What is the difference between EHT® hypnotherapy and other (hypno)therapy approaches?Many well-known forms of therapy – including classical hypnotherapy – work with sources / resources, sometimes including aversive approaches.
In these procedures, positive or negative experiences or sensations are anchored through suggestion in the subconscious, thus making them available to the client.
Simple suggestions, however, can easily constitute a mere covering of the problem, entailing the risk that the issue may manifest itself again sooner or later, possibly more severely or in a different form.Different hypnosis treatments work in different ways.
The newly-developed EHT® hypnosis often achieves a ‘softening’ of the core of the problems.
Strategies to avoid negative emotional states may bring short-term relief; however, they are often no more than a superficial cosmetic solution.
EHT® work is intense therapeutic work in every sense between two fully equal partners, the client and the therapist.
We work together with the client to decide which approach is best suited to his/her wishes and concerns.
On one hand, the success of our work is based on the variety of methods which may be applied – and on the other, it also relies on the clients’ independent application of the tools they gain during the session.
The client’s commitment and the follow-up support after the actual session(s) are the foundation for a profound, on-going transformation.
A biofeedback tool may be used in all hypnosis sessions at the Hypnos® Institute, if wished. This can convince even sceptical clients by giving acoustic and visual confirmation of how their trance deepened.
This verification itself has an impressive effect in accelerating the natural process of deepening the trance.

If you would like more detailed information about our therapeutic approach,
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The Hypnos Team members are associated with several German and international professional organisations.

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Hypnos CD- und Buch-CoverGet to know our book published in Ullstein publishing house and the audio CD by the heads of The Hypnos® center.


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